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Growing up in New York City in the 1990's, I was inspired by a wide variety of music, including many live performances by world-renowned musicians and Disc Jockeys.

From rollerblading around with a boombox and a backpack full of cassette tapes to playing music at high school and college house parties, my passion slowly developed

into a career.


Moving to Miami to attend FIU, I experienced a rich diversity of tropical music, forming my own unique style, and I have been bumping party music ever since!

My music collection and knowledge spans the past 100 years, across multiple hemispheres and languages. I study music every chance I get. Having travelled to 13 countries around the world, and to 33 U.S. states/territories, I learn more about music each year.

The name "Breakaway" comes from a hockey play when a skater rushes past the defending team to take a shot on net. I have had a lifelong passion for hockey, playing street hockey as a kid, ice and roller hockey throughout middle and high school, and 5 years of college hockey with several regional conference titles. 

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