Ask about discounts:

  • 501c3 non-profit organizations

  • Events with <10 attendees

  • Monday-Thursday events

  • Events in west Broward

  • 5+ hour long events

  • Recurring events

DJ/MC Service (standard)

Custom music playlist

Simple party lights around booth

Microphone and crowd engagement

$150 per hour

Outdoor Event Fee

DJ & gear exposed to sun, humidity, wind, rain, sand, mud, cigarette smoke, bugs, and dogs/dog poop

$100 fee

Large Foam Glow Sticks

Get your dance floor raging with all your guests' hands in the air

$100 fee

Room Uplighting

Turn down/off the room lights and have decorative mood lights setup along walls, columns, trees, etc.

$250 fee

Sparkler Send Off

End the night with your guests lighting the way to your limousine

$250 fee



Watch and learn some amazing new dance moves!

$300 each

DJ/MC Service (large)

125 - 300 attendees

$200 per hour

Additional Speakers

For multi-room events such as weddings with separate rooms for ceremony, cocktail, and reception

$100 per pair

Bubble Machine

Thousands of bubbles to keep young children entertained

$100 fee

Dancing On Clouds

Thick, low fog for an unforgettable

dance and amazing photos

$250 fee

Cold Sparks

Nothing grabs the crowd's attention like indoor fireworks!

$400 per pair

Hora Loca Dancers

Beautiful dancers in elaborate costumes!

$350 each

DJ/MC Service (x-large)

More than 300 attendees

price varies

Additional Microphones

For events with multiple event hosts (co-hosts) or simultaneous singers (duets/bands)

$100 each

Fog Machine

Continuous fog/haze to enhance a spooky Halloween party

$100 fee

Dedicated Bilingual MC

A dedicated spanish-speaking MC to make key announcements and hype up the crowd

$250 fee

LED Dance Floor

Starts at 12' X 12' and goes up in increments of 4 feet

$12 per sq. ft.

LED Robots

Stiltwalkers with LED lights all over their bodies!

$400 each